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Who We Are

Q4intelligence is a business, sales, and marketing consulting firm working with insurance and benefits agencies. We advise, train, and coach agencies on how to take control of their businesses. Our goal in working with clients is to develop each one into a strong, thriving business that is seen as the feared competitor in their market.

It’s all about results

Our greatest celebrations are those we share with our clients. Using resources and curriculum we’ve created, coupled with ongoing guidance, we help our clients achieve celebration-worthy results focused on keeping their businesses independent, strong, and growing.

Our Motivation

Every business needs to control two things:

  • The way you impact the business of your clients
  • The compensation you receive for delivering that impact

Unfortunately, the traditional agency cedes too much of this control to the insurance carriers. It’s time to embrace a more consultative approach and expand your offerings.

Coming from independent agencies ourselves, we’ve put these ideas into practice and watched the results first-hand, which inspired us share them with others.

Move Past Plateaus

We all know how common it is for producers and agencies to reach plateaus. In the current business environment, it’s critical to recognize that what got you to where you are today will not get you any further, and it will no longer be good enough to even keep you where you are.

However, going out of business or selling does not have to be the end game. The continued success of your agency requires the right strategy. We help you set that strategy and plan and execute in a way that puts you in control. When you’re in control, your success and relevance no longer depend on someone else’s product.

To be fair, this type of business management does require a new level of effort and commitment to learning, thinking, communicating, and assimilating ideas and information. But, it’s this kind of effort that will push you through plateaus, will keep your business healthy and thriving, and will have your competition fearing you and your next move.

Q4i Quadrants

Agency Impact: Q4 Quadrants

Effective business growth depends on working in all four quadrants.


Every business needs a competitive advantage, something that shakes up their market, brings value in unexpected ways, changes the game, and creates demand for what they offer.


Businesses must be zealously focused on what they do best as organizations and individuals, always asking, “What are we doing today that we shouldn’t be doing tomorrow?”


Not as a bully, but as an organization that earns respect by delivering results at a level achieved by few others. Implementation is key to results and unlocking potential.


Good enough is never good enough. Maximizing efficiencies and productivity and identifying and implementing solid practices that protect the day-to-day business are critical for a healthy bottom line.

What Others Say About Us


“Our company has been with Q4I since the start. We have seen them push to keep bringing value to our organization in different ways over the years as our needs and clients have changed. I am confident that in being part of this powerful network we will always be a step ahead.”

~Scott Haile, President, Scott Haile & Company