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Kevin Trokey Q4i Founding Partner

Kevin Trokey

Founding Partner

I get so much energy and excitement from seeing producers, management teams, and agencies make transformations and find higher levels of success. Watching that success cascade to the people they work for is really the ultimate reward for me.

We all have to take charge of our own future; relying on someone else to make things happen for us is ridiculous. However, working in a vacuum is equally ridiculous. Relying only on our own ideas limits us and our potential.

Making connections, collaborating, sharing ideas, and realizing that we’re better working as a team is what drives me every day – and it is what drives the Q4intelligence model.

Wendy Keneipp Q4i Partner

Wendy Keneipp


I am a constant thinker, focused on big picture and long-term vision. I’m a problem solver, always searching for solutions. I make things happen, understanding the beginning-to-end of bringing projects, programs, and initiatives to life. I love challenging current ideas.

Developing and growing businesses through sales, marketing, and great leadership is my passion. Our attitudes and actions immeasurably impact everyone and everything around us, including our business results.

Coaching and helping teams achieve greatness is one of the best things you can do to build a successful organization.

Christian Mullis Brayboy

Christian Brayboy

Agency Development

I’m a “get s**t done” kind of person; I’ve had to learn how to #GSD in a variety of environments. And it’s built a passion in me for helping others become motivated and inspired to move past their fear, to their purpose, in order to quit talking about doing and actually doing.

I love breaking things down that seem way TOO big to handle and making them into digestible, easy-to-accomplish goals. I love nothing more than sharing my hard-earned marketing knowledge and lessons.

Behn2019 2

John Behn

Agency Coach

A collaborator at the core, I thrive on coaching my clients through the process of realizing their goals to the fullest. Although I believe in taking things one step at a time, I live by my motto, “Today, I will beat my record.”

I believe small and incremental daily improvements, even by 1% a day, will make for positive change. Effectively, a 1% daily change equals a 365% improvement in a year. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients realize this improvement for themselves.


Eliza Culhane

Creative Specialist

I help brands build momentum through amplifying their unique voice, clarifying their message, and utilizing digital marketing strategies to propel them forward. I am passionate about empowering people to express themselves in a way that will make others want to listen.

Motivated by action, accountability, and results, I take every opportunity to learn something new. Combining visual design, writing, and a deep interest in communication, I bring all my tools to the table to provide the best quality solutions. 


Hannah Johnston

Marketing Account Manager

An enthusiast by nature, I’m excited by life and learning. This carries over into my role at Q4i, where I specialize in analyzing and optimizing strategic marketing and communication efforts.

Finding efficient and effective solutions is at the core of everything I do. Constantly curious and striving for success, I’m passionate about helping my clients reach their fullest potential.


Brandy Clark

Content Specialist

I help businesses effectively communicate with their audience, using language that’s helpful, human, and engaging. A teacher for many years, I value every opportunity to learn. I work with businesses to communicate from their heart, identifying their “why” and letting it guide the tone of what I write for them.

I work with brands to discover and build upon their voice, creating multi-platform content that flows seamlessly with their identity, values, and culture. Writing is my passion, and I bring this passion to every word I write and every piece of content I create for my clients.

Julie Riley

Graphic Design

I view design as ‘visual problem-solving’, welcoming new challenges and opportunities to grow. My passion for design and creativity combines with my attention to detail to provide innovative solutions to my clients’ business needs.

I help businesses visually define the intangible. Give creative form to mission statements. Present capabilities in a cohesive, consistent manner. Listen, then create. Collaborate, then deliver.

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