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We coach and train insurance and benefits agencies to rethink the traditional agency business model, and we speak regularly around related topics.

Despite the uncertainty in today’s market, we believe that there has never been a better time to be part of this great industry. Let us share with you why we believe this so strongly and help you and your industry-group recapture this belief for yourself.

We also speak more specifically to those agencies who are struggling, who are trapped in a service model, who feel stuck, and who are in desperate need of a fresh perspective. We will share with you how to get turned around and seize control of your business. We will help build your momentum and recapture that lost energy.

Employers need you more than ever before in ways they never have before. We’ll share what that looks like and how use it to your advantage.

Speaking options

If these types of ideas sound like what your group wants to discuss, then our challenging, instructive style might be just what you need.

Our speaking engagements run from single sessions at an event, to keynotes, to full day workshops. Let us know what you need, and we can have a chat to see if we’re a good fit for your group.

For more information about our availability, please contact us with the details of your event (dates, location, audience, and topics). We look forward to talking with you and seeing if we’d be a good match for your group.

Sample topics

9 Beliefs of Tomorrow’s Successful Producers

We all need to get the right results: keeping the business we have and getting the business we don’t. Results reflect the habits of the organization. In turn, habits develop based on our behaviors. Finally, those behaviors will reflect the collective belief system. So, in order to get the right results, we have to start with a healthy belief system.

Unfortunately, too many producers and agencies have an unhealthy belief system in place, or at least carry too many negative thoughts. Regardless, we tend to be our own worst enemy on our path to success.

Marketing Is Now the First Step of Selling

Having access to information has changed the way all businesses operate, and it has completely transformed the selling process. Buyers are conducting their own research, determining their buying criteria, and selecting a short list of companies with whom they want to meet. All this is taking place before they ever make contact with a sales person. Agencies and sales people who are not providing buyers with compelling information to find during their research are losing sales.

Video Clip: Owning your business model

Insurance agencies need to develop and own their business models and stop relying on someone else’s model as a means to driving results and long-term success.

Video Clip: Stop making excuses

Insurance agencies that have reached a plateau or are slipping backwards in revenue and growth need to examine their beliefs and behaviors.

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“INSPIRATION and PREPAREDNESS. Two words that best describe Kevin Trokey. If you are looking to hire a speaker that will get you and your team prepared for growth, hire Kevin. He brings a high level of wisdom, experience and flat out hard work to deliver compelling messages that will inspire your audience to change their thinking and behaviors.”

~ Mike, Agency Partner