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Selling is a transfer of confidence. How much confidence is your team sharing?

Growth Platform: Why sales matters

To ensure your agency reaches its potential, you must ensure each element of the Growth Platform is performing at a high level.

With no sales system and process you’ll struggle making new producers successful, you’ll never understand the real needs of your buyers, and your spreadsheet and capabilities binder will make you look just like everyone else. Again, you’ll have inadequate growth.

Q4i Growth Platform Sales Process

Bring a little swagger into your sales conversations


You must believe your team is able to demonstrably make a positive impact on your client’s business.


Your sales system must focus on learning the client’s story and how you can help them improve it.


Your prospect pipeline must be always filled with enough targeted opportunities to allow you to say no.

Business leaders need help more than ever before.

You are perfectly suited to be the advisor they need.

Businesses struggle under the weight and pressure of running a profitable, successful organization. There is too much regulation and specialty knowledge required to do it alone.

CEOs, CFOs, and HR leaders turn to advisors around topics not within their own areas of expertise. Insurance brokers are perfectly positioned to become this source of advice and education. Sales conversations should help educate buyers to the point of making better buying decisions. But this type of conversation will only happen when a sales person is dedicated to continuous personal development.

Producers make sales conversations more difficult by focusing on their own products rather than the client's needs.

Embrace discomfort or irrelevance

Not only has the role of the insurance advisor changed significantly, but the world in which your prospects and clients compete has changed right along with it.

The role of the producer has shifted from selling insurance products to being a consultant, and a critical part of that new role is stepping up to conversations that may be uncomfortable. Whether it’s offering advice the client may not want to hear, or fully disclosing all commission sources and discussing your consulting fees, the new producer role requires the necessary confidence to manage these sometimes uncertain waters.

And you need a sales system and process to make it manageable, predictable, scalable, and replicable.

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Q4i Growth Platform

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“I have to give a big ‘Thanks’ to Kevin, Wendy and the Q4 team!! Their leadership in the benefits industry is helping shape the future of our professional development and our clients’ experience. Thanks Kevin for all those coaching sessions and always asking the question beyond the question. Joining the Q4 family is one of the best decisions I have made both personally and professionally. I’m enjoying the journey!!”

~Billy Bridwell, Vice President, Keystone