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How our beliefs impact our clients

Beliefs drive behaviors, and we believe that you deserve the best.

The purpose of the military is to be so intimidating that the enemy dare not attack.

– Sun Tzu

We believe agencies should aspire to hold the position of being a formidable and competitive force in their markets. In order to do this, you need to be in control of your business by determining your own worth and value, have high-performing sales people, and have everyone on the team knowing and playing their role in sales development and value creation.

We are a resource for teaching and guiding agencies along this path to change and growth, and we commit ourselves to challenging thinking at all levels of business decisions.

In order to be that resource and to effectively help agencies take control and always be creating new value for their clients, we have to be continuously challenging ourselves to work at new and higher levels all the time.

Q4i Brand Compass

We’ve identified our key beliefs and practices that drive the type of results we want each of our clients to experience, and we’re sharing them with you here in our Brand Compass. These are the same practices that we teach our members, and we strive to set the example through our own actions.

You’ll see all of these ideas incorporated in everything we do – whether you’re reading, listening, or talking with us. These are our guiding principles for everything we do with and for our clients.

Having a clear definition and purpose for your business is inspiring! Do you have yours outlined?

Our values define how we work and coach

Not just a guide for our own behaviors, but a guide for our curriculum as well.


Be intentional.

Clear the noise and work with purpose.

We have BIG goals. To achieve them requires careful, focused attention. Yes, we are doers, but we are planners first. Our strategies are purposeful. Our actions are deliberate. Our processes are structured. Our motives are aligned. We must be relevant, both to our clients and within the changing landscape of the industry.


Always challenge.

Real change takes courage.

Comfort zones are overrated: We know we can make people uncomfortable, and we’re comfortable with that. By demonstrating courage of conviction, we encourage others to do the same. We are committed to educating ourselves, our clients, and the industry in a big, bold way. We’re not here to placate and soothe. We’re here to tell it like it is and forge the path moving forward. We’re busting myths, breaking habits, and calling for accountability.


Stay curious.

Ask. Listen. Adjust. Repeat.

In order to learn and grow, it is essential for us to remain open and curious, and help others do the same. We pay attention. We ask questions. We listen to feedback. We create solutions. We recognize that transformation isn’t a fixed point. It’s a constant process. We don’t just listen to what’s happening around us, we absorb it— and then use it to make meaningful progress.


Collaborate boldly.

Be part of something bigger.

We don’t want to be a one-man band. We want to be part of a massive chorus of industry voices and action. We know we don’t have all the answers and are more than willing to ask the tough questions. Always looking for new inspiration, new ideas, and new people to join the movement, we believe collaborating with a variety of motivated and enthusiastic partners will make this journey easier and way more fun.

About Q4i

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What Others Say About Us


“When Renee and I met Kevin and Wendy 4 years ago, we were an old fashioned health insurance agency.

Since Really Great Employee Benefits has worked with Q4i, we have evolved into an HR and employee benefit consulting firm.

I can count the new clients that have chosen RGEB to help them become Employers of Choice because of being a Q4i member.”

~ Barry Cohn, President, Really Great Employee Benefits