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Too many salespeople are on a Quixotic pursuit of mysterious truths to drive their sales success. They want to find that compelling pipeline-filling cold call script, to learn the magic question prospects can't deny, to acquire the perfect solution coveted by all.

Raise your hand if you have a personal brand?

Of course, that’s a trick question. Everyone has a brand.

A brand is your professional reputation, and it has a lot in common with your personal reputation. Just as you don't get to choose whether or not you have a reputation, you also don't get to choose what that reputation is. Others determine your brand and reputation based on their interactions with you.

Sometimes marketing and branding get confused. They are closely related but not the same.

Marketing is like asking for a date. Branding is the reason someone says “yes.”

When you’re presenting or maybe talking to a colleague, client, or prospect, do you ever get nervous or find your mouth goes dry? Yeah, me too. It’s so frustrating!

If you look up “mouth goes dry when nervous,” you’ll find all sorts of scientific answers for the physiological cause and various solutions that can help with the symptoms – drink water, have candy handy, yadda, yadda.


Q4Live is an educational and networking conference for forward-thinking benefits advisors. We gather together about every nine months and share ideas, strategies, how-tos, and “how-we-did-it” stories. Everyone participates in the sharing of ideas and asks thoughtful questions so they can go back and put these ideas into action for their agency.

Be prepared to learn, question the way you currently operate, and meet some amazing people who are in this together and want to succeed as much as you do.

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Not all prospect pipelines are created equal. Do you know what separates a good pipeline from a bad one? The quality of the prospects in it: Where they came from and what they look like.

Learn how to identify the right prospects that will help grow your book of business.


Your prospective clients will visit your website, your LinkedIn profile, and/or search for you online. What will they see? Is it a compelling story that makes them want to learn more? Or is it just another version of the same story they have from their current broker?

Use your marketing activities to get people excited about having a conversation with your sales team.


Employers are tired of the same old conversation about a census and a spreadsheet. Consultants who bring a different conversation are seeing different results. Uncover their needs and opportunities through educational discovery and prioritized advice.

Win new business by moving leads through the sales pipeline and converting them into clients.


The best leaders make difficult decisions and hold team members accountable to defined processes and high standards. But more importantly, they have a clear vision of where they’re leading the team and approach their role from a position of gratitude and goodwill.

Rise to new levels of agency growth with a strong team rallying around a unified vision.

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