Q4i Growth Platform

Agency growth is dependent on continuously adding new opportunities to the pipeline.

Growth Platform: Why prospecting matters

To ensure your agency reaches its potential, you must ensure each element of the Growth Platform is performing at a high level.

Without effective prospecting, your pipeline will be too light, you’ll be too tentative with the few opportunities you do have, and you’ll struggle with inadequate growth.

Q4i Growth Platform Prospecting

3 keys to successful prospecting


Know your definition of a healthy pipeline and keep prospects moving.


Know your ideal client and only allow those opportunities in your pipeline.


Know your prospects’ challenges and use that as your point of connection.

Prospecting creates opportunities for sales conversations.

Without regular prospecting activity, you run the risk of having less opportunities in your pipeline, which leads to poor decision making for the producer and the agency. There is no magic formula for stirring up prospect interest, but there are ways to make it more predictable.

Asking your best clients and your strong centers-of-influence for referrals is your best source for uncovering quality opportunities. And then filling in with cold calling is something no producer should be above.  A little discomfort is far better than an empty pipeline.

The strongest, most predictable pipelines are filled with referral opportunities.

Prospecting must be a consistent activity.

Prospecting cannot be an activity of last resort, but rather the top priority in every agency. As selling becomes more consultative and buyers more sophisticated, producers need help navigating and staying on track. This means keeping up with all types of prospecting activities from cold outreach to networking events to social selling to managing center-of-influence relationships.

As a sales organization, prospecting is an activity that needs the support of the whole agency. And a sales leader (formal or informal) should be charged with holding producers accountable to developing realistic annual revenue goals and formal prospecting goals, as well as coaching them with their ongoing prospecting and sales activity. The growth of your agency depends on it.

Q4i Growth Platform

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What Others Say About Us

Tom DiLiegro


“Unlike those old industry veterans that throw agents and consultants to the market armed with just a phone, Q4intelligence with their principles, sales system, coaching, materials, and vendor partners is transformational. It has raised the bar for me, making me better in my prospective customer calls and in meetings with my current customer relationships. No longer do I feel like I am selling something, but rather having meaningful customer conversations about their business and how the solutions I have in my toolbox can be of service to them.”

~Tom DiLiegro, Owner, Benefit Advisors of Charleston